GlobalTown Microtech, Inc. serves the needs of bioscience and healthcare communities with innovative products and solutions. The Company develops and markets new and improved biomedical instruments and tools, as well as novel, revolutionary solutions for scientific researches and educations. Implementing healthcare industry standard CQI quality control, we are proud to provide biomedical professionals with unique, insightful turn-key solutions that outperform competitions at economical or affordable prices, currently in the following areas:

  • Tissue/organ Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Tissue Cultures and Tissue Histology
  • Langendorff and Working Heart Perfusions
  • Micro Vessel Myography
  • Isolated Tissue Bio-potentials & Biochemistry: extracellular/intracellular recording & biosensing
  • Electrophysiology: electromyogram (EMG), electroretinogram (ERG) and electrooculogram (EOG)
  • Sensory-evoked potentials (visual - VEP, audio - AEP or BAEP, somatosensory – SEP), motor-evoked potential (MEP)
  • Blood and Organ Pressure: in vivo and in vitro
  • Bio-sensors and Transducers
  • Fluorescence Microscopy and Biomedical Imaging
  • Surgical Instruments/Fluid Handling Supplies/Lab Glassware/Micromanipulators, etc.
  • And coming soon: Interventional Cardiology and Brain Chemistry System

        These products have received excellent feedback from many users and at academic conferences, hosted by American Heart Association, The Society for Neuroscience and The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

“We are very impressed with the system…”
“We have (one of your system), which has been excellent…”

        Our network of sales representatives and distributors in the North America, Europe, Australia, and across the world, has also enabled us to meet your needs for quick start or more advanced solutions in scientific researches and educations, implementing diverse exploring protocols. Please visit us at for on-line purchases or personal services.
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