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Portable, Integrated and Easy-to-use
4, 8-CH. i-DAQ™ Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems

Portable, power-over-USB technology
  Powerful, clever integrated DAQChart™   software for real-time recording,
  display, review and on/off line analyses

Quick and easy selection of settings and   calibration

Real-time event marking and   commenting, reloaded on graphs or in
  spreadsheets for analysis.

Built-in data preview, zoom, overlay,   comparison, normalization and other   features

Built-in automated cyclic measurements
  (peak, mini/max, period, rate, rise/fall   time, slope and integral analyses)

Built-in dose response curve-EC50/IC50 & data fittings

Built-in statistics analysis: mean, S.D.,
   t-test, etc.

Multiple data formats for data exchange,
  including OLE capabilities for exporting to   Excel

4/8-CH single-end analog inputs or
   2/4-CH differential

48,000 samples/sec, plus    trigger/counter, 2 analog out and up to
   12 digital I/O;

Window-based modes: CHART and X-Y;

The GlobalTown's i-DAQ 4/8 are portable, connect-and-play, high-performance data acquisition systems. It features real-time recording, one-line marking and commenting, measurements, and easy-to-use analysis software. The integrated DAQChart™ software contains many functions and features that enable effective, clever on-line or off-line data smoothing/filtering, automated cyclic measurements, comparison, transformations, curve fittings and statistics analyses .

While many data acquisition systems supply only a basic recording software and request users to upgrade with separate software modules, our integrated DAQChart software, in combination with i-DAQ hardware, provide multi-functional, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to your data recording and analysis needs, e.g. isolated tissue/organ baths, electrophysiology, animal physiology, pharmacology, to name a few.

Download: Software Updates

The i-DAQ 4/8 can be used for simultaneous, real-time recording of 4/8 analogue signals at a total sampling rate of 48KS/sec or 12K/6K samples/sec for every channel. It features power-over USB technology, i.e., there is no need for a separate AC input or DC power adapter. Combined with the compact size of the system, this provides ultimate portability for recording on any PC (desk top, laptop, or handled).

The versatile data acquisition system includes up to 12 channel digital I/O, 2-analog outputs, and 1 32-bit counter, which can be used to synchronize with other instruments for triggering, stimulations and/or control.


i-DAQ 4/100 4-channel USB Data Acquisition System, Software Included $1495  
i-DAQ 8/100 8-channel USB Data Acquisition System, Software Included $1995  
DAQChart™ 4 Integrated i-DAQ Software Suite for 4 CH $750                              
DAQChart™ 8 Integrated i-DAQ Software Suite for 8 CH $995                              

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