Multi-Channel Tissue/Organ Baths
    Bio-sensors and Transducers
    Micro Vessel Needle and Wire Myograph
    Surgical & Dissection Instruments
    Bio-Amplifiers, Probes & Electrodes
    Transducers & Bridge Amp
    Data Acquisition System
    Precision Microscopes
    Linear Stages & Micro-manipulators
    Quality Lab Supplies
Microsurgical & Microdissecting Instruments
Clips & Clamps
Micro Vascular & General Micro Instruments
Kits-Surgical, Dissection & Cannulation
Titanium Tweezers with Ultra Fine Tips
Micro Scissors
Micro Needle Holders
Micro Forceps & Titanium Forceps
Titanium Needle Holders & Haemostatic Forceps
Supercut Scissors (3 Series)
Supercut-TG Scissors
Supercut Scissors
Supercut-D Scissors
General Instruments

General Instruments
Surgical & Dissection Scissors: Sharp with Dull Finish: Rust Resistant & Non Light Reflective!
Perfect for Surgical & Dissecting Uses Under Microscopes or Under Intense Lighting

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