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Low Noise, Low-Cost, Compact, 4-channel
Sensor & Transducer Bridge Amplifier
compact four-channel bridge amplifier, BRAM-4B, features low-noise, low-drift, differential inputs, multi-gain and filter selection, and low-cost. It can be utilized for sensitive measurement and detection of force (i-FOT), displacement (i-DIST), pressure (i-PRT), flow, pulse (i-PLT), temperature (i-TEMT), humidity, gas, and optical light, etc., from 0 Hz up, using transducers or sensors.

The BRAM4's stand-alone design and its high input impedance allows it to be used conveniently with our sensors and/or transducers or most other active/passive transducers via easy adaptation. It is compatible with our USB-based data acquisition systems as well as the data recording/acquisition systems from other manufacturers'. For use with other manufacturers' transducers or sensors, an DIN8F adapting connector is needed.

For custom modifications of gain, filter parameters or for other information, please contact us at

BRAM-4B Bridge Amplifier Specifications

Independent CH 4
Excitation volt 10V (±5V)
Gain (ind. adj.) x1, x10, x100, and x1000
(x5000 optional)
Linearity <0.01% error (all gain)
Lo pass filters 2Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 2kHz
Offset adj. x±2.5V(x1000), x±250mV(x100), >±25mV(x10)
Noise volt (rms) <±0.2µV (typical, G=1000, DC-20Hz)
CMMR 90dB (G=1), >110dB (G>1)
Input impedance 10 G
Input connect 8-pin DIN
Output range 10V
Output connect BNC connector (isolated)
Power AC adapter (DC 12V), included
Power connect 2.1x5.5mm female phono-jack
Dimension 10.3Hx 20.6W x16.0D (cm) or
4.04Hx8.10Wx6.32D (in)
Weight <1 kg or 2lb without AC adapter
BRAM4B 4-channel low-noise bridge amp (USA plug)........$895
BRAM4B-UK 4-channel low-noise bridge amp (UK, HK-plug).....$895
BRAM4B-Euro 4-channel low-noise bridge amp (Euro plug)......$895
BRAM4B-AUS 4-channel low-noise bridge amp (Australian plug)....$895

DIN8-F adapting connector for rewire to other transducers.........$8
ADAPT-xx* adapter to other supplier's transducers/sensors.......$99

* Please replace the "xx" with supplier's name when order.

Force Transducers, isometric, wide range

The i-FOT series isometric force transducers have excellent linearity, high sensitivity and stability, with wide dynamic ranging from 0.5mg-10g (i-FOT10) to 150mg-2000grams (i-FOT2000).

The i-FOT transducers feature innovative designs resulting in consistent point of force application and easy mounting access. Compared with traditional design where

They feature a protective mount sleeve (Ø=0.50'' or 12.7mm) and a DIN-8 connector directly compatible with our BRAM4 Bridge Amp and data acquisition system, ThinkWave 1600-4/8.


Parameter i-FOT 10 i-FOT100W i-FOT100 i-FOT500 i-FOT2000
Force Range 10 grams 100 grams 100 grams 500 grams 2000 grams
Output Sensitivity
2500µv/g/V 300µv/g/V 10µv/g/V 3µv/g/V 0.7µv/g/V
(when used on BRAM4)
0.5 mg 2 mg 10 mg 30 mg 150 mg
Linearity Error <0.1% <0.1% <0.1% <0.1% <0.1%
Connector DIN8 DIN8 DIN8 DIN8 DIN8
Cable 5 ft (152.4cm) 5 ft (152.4cm) 5 ft (152.4cm) 5 ft 5 ft
Dimensions 0.5x6.0 in (1.3x15cm) for all i-FOT
Note: All force ranges have 300% max applied force safety margins
P/N Transducers Price
i-FOT 10 Force Transducer (10g) $279
i-FOT 100W Force Transducer (wide range) $249
i-FOT 100 Force Transducer (100g) $185
i-FOT 500 Force Transducer (500g) $185
i-FOT 2000 Force Transducer (2000g) $185
DIN8-F Adapter for rewire to other system $8
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