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Inverted Microscopes
Outperform Many Competition with Much Less Costs!
GlobalTown provides quality inverted microscope, Model INM-400, which features long working distance (LWD) condenser, LWD objectives and phase contrast attachments, allow distortion free imaging. The advanced microscope are very easy-to-use, suitable for imaging cell culture, living specimen structure, and liquid precipitates/ deposits in biological, medical or environmental sciences.

The microscope system INM-400 includes three LWD objectives, one LWD phase contrast (PH) objective, one LWD condenser (WD=30mm), one two wide field (WF) 10x eye pieces, camera mount , and other accessories.
INM-400 Inverted Microscope(trinocular)
1630 Eye Piece 16x (a pair)
1631 Eye Piece 20x (a pair)
1632 Ultra LWD (70mm) Condenser
1633 LWD PH Objective 25x/0.4
1634 LWD PH Objective 40x/0.6


Magnification: 100x-400x
Trinocular: Camera mount included
Eyepieces: Wide field eyepieces :10x(ø18mm)
Objectives: Long working distance planachromatic objectives (cover glass
thick:1.2mm 10x/0.25, 25x/0.4, 40x/0.6.)
Long working distance planachromatic phase contrast
objective:10x/0.25 (include 10x annular diaphragm plate).
Condenser: Long working distance condenser: NA=0.4,
working distance 30mm.
Mechanical Stage:

Movement range: 30x75mm.

Focusing Mechanism: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension
adjustable and focus stop, with minimum increment is 0.002mm.
Illumination: 6V/20W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness.
Eyepieces: Wide field eyepieces: 16x(Ø11mm), 20x(Ø11mm)
Objectives: Long working distance planachromatic phase contrast
objectives: 25x/0.4, 40x/0.6 (include 25x, 40x annular diaphragm plate).
Ultra Long Working Distance Condenser: Working distance 70mm
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