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PSZ-IV   PSZ   Inverted Microscopes
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Precision Stereo Zoom Microscope (PSZ)
Quality Optics Meeting Your Lab Budget!

The Precision Stereo Zoom Microscope (PSZ) feature quality optics, providing sharp images with high resolution and variable magnification up to 160x. Included in a PSZ microscope are a 2x objective lens and 10x and 20x eye pieces (one pairs each). Optional eye pieces and objective lens provide working distance up to 200mm long. Trinocular PSZ is also available with camera attachments included in the system, excluding camera.

Zoom Range:                
Total Magnification:      7-40X standard
Working Distance:         88mm (without Auxiliary Lens)
Field of View:               1.1-124mm (depending on eyepiece                                       and auxiliary lens used)
Interpupilary Distance:   adjustable 55-75mm
Binocular Tube :           inclined 45°.
Diopter Adjustment:       ± 5 Diopters
Binocular Body:            rotatable 360° .
Trinocular Body :         all of the features of  binocular and a                                      vertical phototube for CCD video and                                      micro-photography.
PSZ Stereo Zoom Microscope onpost stand --
PSZ-BS Stereo Zoom Microscope on boom stand --
PSZ-L Stereo Zoom Microscopew/ built-in light illumination --
PSZT Trinocular PSZ on post stand --
PSZ-BB PSZ Binocular Body --
PSZ-TB PSZ Trinocular Body --

Auxiliary Lens: 0.3X / 0.5X / 0.75X / 1.5X / 2X
Eyepiece: WF5X / WF10X / WF15X / WF20X / WF25X
Illumination: Halogen Illumination, Fluorescent Illumination, Fiber Optic Cool Light.
Trinocular Optional: CCD Video System, Micro-Photographic System.
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