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BioTower Bio-amplifier
Tissue/Organ Baths
Surgical & Dissection
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Quality Lab Supplies

•Extracellular Recordings               •Multi-Ch EMG, ERG, EOG and EEG
          •Evoked Potentials                         •12-lead ECG/EKG          

Powerful Electrophysiology Solutions
Multi-Ch., Isolated, Low-noise BioTower™ w/ Zero Cross Talk

• Models and Modules Scalable
• Compatible w/ Stand-alone Modules
• Ultra-low Noise (best in the field) and
   Absolute Zero Cross Talk

• Record or Stimulate Multi Biomedical
   Parameters on a Single Mini Tower

• Multi Module Models to Choose from:

   i-STIM i-DIP, i-EEP, i-EMG, i-ERG, i-EEG

• Mount in Multi Orientations and    Proximity   to Subjects
• 5 Year Warranty

The BioTower™ 100 is a versatile, miniature platform for bioscience and medicine, meeting the increasing demand of labs for bio-signal conditioners and stimulators that are both of high electrical performances and portable, scalable and affordable. It provide powerful electrophysiology solutions used to stimulate bio-tissues/subjects and/or monitor multiple physiological parameters: bio-potentials such as electromyograms (EMG), electroretinograms (ERG), electrooculogram (EOG), electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), evoked potential (EEP) and temperature, blood pressure, flow, pulse, and respiration, etc. The system feature electrical isolation and all the modules of signal conditioners and stimulators.

This multi-channel, bio-signal conditioner platform allows users to use (add or subtract) different number or models of miniature, isolated bio-signal conditioner or stimulator modules that can also be used stand-alone, providing great scalability and hence flexibility of acquiring and using the system. Unlike other multi-channel systems in the field, The BioTower? 100 has absolute zero cross talk, and is compact in size, measures only about 9.7x6.5x3.0 inches (or 246x165x76mm) when fully mounted with 8 bio modules. The portable system can be mounted in close proximity to bio preparations for high quality experiments.

The choices of miniature, bio-signal conditioner and stimulator modules include isolated
i-STIM, i-BRIDGE, i-TEMP, i-EMG, i-ECG, i-EOG, i-ERG, i-EEP, and i-EEG. Each of which can be used as a stand alone unit for close probing/monitoring of one parameter, when necessary (please see separate news below). The users can also choose up to 8 of the same modules, so far, on the mini tower platform for specific applications, e.g. StimTower-8 (an 8-CH stimulator), BridgeTower-8 (an 8-CH bridge amp), or BioTower™ ECG8 (an 8-CH i-ECG system for 12-lead ECG recording).

The BioTower™ systems have the similar, ultra-low noise specs (<0.5uV-rms) as their individual stand-alone modules from 0.01Hz to 10 kHz, which is at least 5 times better than any competitive products. For more information on the BioTower 100, please contact info@globaltowns.com or visit us at www.globaltowns.com.


For different configurations and channel numbers, please contact info@globaltowns.com

Not Your Average Probes!
Mini i-DIP™, i-EEP™, i-EMG™, i-ERG™ and i-EOG™
as Full Signal Conditioner Probes

• Use metal microelectrodes, ERG, EMG    electrodes, etc.
• No need for separate post-amplifier,    direct connect to i-DAQ™ or other data    acquisition systems
• Ultra-low noise, best specs in the field
• Isolated signals and grounds for safety    and low noise
• Credit card size, for close proximity to    subjects or preparations
GlobalTown's stand-alone versions of the ultra-low noise, isolated, miniature, differential bio-amplifiers are perfectly suited for probing bio-signals in close proximity, without the need for post amplifiers. The credit cars sized probes can be mounted on magnetic stands and used with various types of electrodes. The advantages of these probes, i-DIP™ and i-Exx™, include superior signal quality, convenience, scalability and low costs.

In the frequency band from 0.01 Hz to 10 kHz, the probes generate equivalent input peak-peak noise as small as 0.5 µV (rms) at gain of 1000, while many amplifiers in the market either have >4-6 µV (rms) noise in the same band or only provide noise specs for 1-100Hz or 1-10Hz frequency band.

The probes and amplifiers feature high gain from 10, 100, 1000 to 50,000 and high input impedance. They are ideal for use either as high-impedance active differential probes for extremely small signals in R&D, testing, and engineering, or as bio-amplifiers, in electrophysiology (EP) or neuroscience laboratories, for extra-cellular recording on isolated tissues (e.g. heart muscles) and organs or skin surface recording of electromyography (EMG), evoked potentials (EEP), electroretinogram (ERG), electroencephalogram (EEG), and electrocardiogram (ECG). They can record sub-micro signals as small as <0.1-0.5 microvolt without the need for noise-removing averaging.

Included in each i-XXX Probe Kit order are: 2 electrodes, mounting rod, input and output adapters and cables. For details or special needs for input/output adapters to your own
electrodes, please contact info@globaltowns.com