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i-DIP 100 High Gain Differential Probe/Amplifier
The i-DIP 100 is a powerful differential probe/amplifier with isolated signal path and grounds and gain up to stand-alone gain up to 10,000. It can be used both as a bio-amplifier or as a high gain differential probe for extremely small signals in spectroscopy, electro-chemistry, and optical communication, etc. The multiple Hi and Lo filter settings, combined with a notch filter, makes it versatile in making high signal-to-noise (SN) recording in various conditions.
Concentric EMG Microelectrodes
P/N Needle Size
(mm x Gauge)
Recording Area
G62-108 20mmx30G 0.021
G63-308 30mmx27G 0.021
G64-408 40mmx26G 0.068
G65-408 50mmx26G 0.068
G66-408 60mmx23G 0.068
The gold-plated needle, in combination with a platinum-iridium electrode wire, guarantees that the Pirouette will register even the slightest change in muscle activity. The Pirouette concentric needle design incorporates an ultra-sharp point. In addition, it offers a new ergonomically designed coaxial hub containing an orientation-free (360°) "Slide-In™" connector. This feature assures a solid and secure mechanical and optimal electrical connection between the needle and the EMG cable. Moreover, the Pirouette effectively screens and separates artifacts and other electrical interference signals.
Skin Electrodes For ECG & EMG, etc.
3M Red-dot Electrode
(Foam Solid Gel, 5.1cm w/ built-in abrader)
$15/pack of 25
Blue Sensor Electrode
(48mm diameter, offset snap,
comfortable foam backing
conforms to skin, wet gel)
$15/pack of 25
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