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i-EMG 100 Isolated Differential Electromyogram Amplifier
The i-EMG 100 isolated differential amplifier is used to record electro-muscular activities on skin or from skeletal or other muscles. The system has such a fast response time that it is possible to monitor single or multi-fiber fiber EMG using the Hi pass filter of 500Hz. When used on ThinkWave 1600 data acquisition system, real-time EMG integration can be obtained with the powerful software Acquest™.
i-EEG100 Isolated Differential Electroencephalogram Amplifier
The i-EEG 100 isolated differential amplifier is very versatile in making low-noise measure-ment of unipolar or bipolar EEG activities in neural system. With multiple settings for both Hi and Lo pass filters, Alpha brain wave, for example, can be monitored by Hi pass at 8Hz and Low pass at 13Hz. Multiple i-EEG 100 units can be used for mapping of brain EEG activities in a wide area.

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